Caring Kids

Caring Kids

By: Karla Perez, Victoria Garcia and Martha Lucio

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Posted by peggybak Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 13:17
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Mrs. Haycock’s class from Panama Elementary School is helping out Jamison Center with donated gifts.  Everyone in the class pitched in. Many kids brought toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste and more. Many people at Panama thought it was a great idea.  “It’s really nice to give to kids who don’t have what we have,” said fellow classmate, Juan Martinez.

          We also asked our teacher, Mrs.Haycock, why she wanted to help the Jamison Center by asking us to donate.  She said because she thinks, “It is important for all kids to know someone cares about them, and they are special, even if they don’t know who we are.”  She also thinks it is good for Panama students to know how fortunate they are and be able to help others.  In the future Panama’s lost and found items that are unclaimed will be donated to the Jamison Center.  Students love this idea because some are the same age as the Jamison Center kids so they know what they like.  It is a great idea to donate things to the Jamison Center as students get older too.   Makenzie Lampkin’s mom, Sabrina, sewed some wonderful bags and their family donated many other things like travel sized deodorants.  “It’s great we’re donating to the kids in the Bakersfield community,” said classmate Alexa Cuevas.  “I think it was a good idea to support the Jamison Center because we’re helping kids in need,” said Erick Rubalcava.  Arelie Ortiz added “I think it’s a great idea they made a Jamison Center to help kids with no home.”  Remember it’s better to give, not to receive.  Panama students plan to make donations again in March and May to show support throughout the whole year and not just during the holidays.

Karla Perez and Victoria Garcia attend sixth grade in the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District. The Jamison Children's Center is a 24-hour emergency shelter and protective custody facility, operated by the Human Services Department of Kern County.


What do you get when you have 800 students and subtract 567 jackets and blankets? Warm homeless and poor! Just down the road from Panama, Stonecreek Junior High students collected winter-wear for teacher Eric Olinger’s church to give to the Bakersfield Rescue Mission. Olinger took part in The Bridge’s effort to collect jackets last year and decided to get the whole school involved this year. “We have a great group of kids who have so much to be thankful for here at Stonecreek. They really rose to the challenge—there are going to be nearly 600 people a bit warmer now.” Classes competed across campus and Mr. Gallego’s class won with more than 250 jackets. Martha Lucio is a student writer at Stonecreek.




Mrs. Haycock’s class is really doing great work as helping the underprivileged people and providing them gifts, these is will help the children to develop the habit of charity and to know the underprivileged children.

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Only rare people have a big heart. I'm deeply touched while reading your article Karla. I hope there would be many Mrs. haycock student, you and Martha Lucio in the world who have really heart for less fortunate children like Jamison Center.

Thank you Karla Perez, Victoria Garcia, Martha Lucio and Mrs. Haycock's stucents! YOU are truely caring kids! The Jamison Center is sooo lucky to have all of you looking out for them!

Sandra Molen

The Bakersfield Voice

ps. Thank you Miss Peggy for posting for these students!