FAT BURNING breakfast at work.

FAT BURNING breakfast at work.

By: Aaron Gillies, MS, CSCS

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Posted by pairmarotta Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 10:40
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It can be tough to make good food choices when you're stuck with what the group at work is eating.

Last week at Pair & Marotta, we had a lot of very grateful patients. And when people want to say thank you to us, they usually do it with a very thoughtful card or letter.

And a truck load of food.

Last Wednesday we had a box of Foster's donuts, a dozen cupcakes, a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a loaf of banana bread. Of the lot, cupcakes are probably my least favorite, but by no means do I hate them.

The donuts are the hardest for me to resist. But thankfully, I brought my breakfast that morning and was able to control myself and head back to my office having only eaten a single donut hole. How?

Almost EVERY morning I bring my breakfast. If I don't, I am devastatingly hungry and probably would easily eat 2-3 donuts, a cookie and a slice or 2 of the bread.

Bringing your own food to work does a few things for you. First off, it ensures you get a CHOICE in eating healthy. If you bring your meals, you're not subject to eating whatever is at the office.

Secondly, when you bring your own meals, you're not caught out by the "so-hungry-I'm-about-to-eat-my-thumb-but-eating-a-donut-won't-hurt-as-bad" cravings. If you bring your own meals your chances of not indulging on the sweet thangs at work drop drastically.

Lastly, you can also eat when you want. You can deliver good quality nutrients to your body at steady 3-4 hour increments that gives you eneryg to stay focused and out of the energy dumps.

So I wanted to show you guys what my morning breakfasts usually look like. Now occasionally I'll make a fruit and cottage cheese omelet the night before and put it in a Glass-Lok container. But most mornings it's oatmeal (remember, grains after workouts or first thing in the morning). And boy does it cure the "only-donuts-to-eat" blues. Here is last Thursday's breakfast from start to finish (see pictures):

  1. Here's my stuff that I usually spend 5-minutes prepping the night before: 1/3 cup of Coach's Oats, 1-serving of vanilla whey, a 1/2 peach chopped, small palmful of crushed almonds/flaxseed meal, and then my fish oil and multivitamins in the water bottle.Put enough water in the bowl to fully cover the oatmeal and fruit. Put it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. While it's cooking put the protein powder in a paper coffee cup and add enough water to create a thick mixture.
  2. So now you've got your oatmeal cooked and protein powder mixed. Pour the protein powder over the oatmeal and mix it up.
  3. Next, I usually put the cover on and walk back to my desk. Then I open the Glass Lock and crush up the almonds (leave almonds in the bag during crushing!!!) using a handy 5-lb weight I keep next to my desk. But for softer nuts such as pecans and cashews, you can use your palm.
  4. Pour the crushed almonds over the oatmeal and stir.
  5. Once it's stirred up, you're ready to eat!! If you let it sit for a few minutes it thickens up pretty good. I like oatmeal so thick you can eat it with a fork. I understand other's prefer a more soupier texture. So just add a litte more water. This entire process takes about 5-minutes after you get the routine down. Plus everybody in the office loves the smell of hot peaches, vanilla and cinnamon in the mornings!

So you're still not sure what to eat? Send me an email and ask about our Precision Nutrition coaching plan. The program starts at $79/month and includes a full nutrition evaluation, dietary records, and coaching as we take you through the journey of fat-loss.