How most gyms SCAM their members (CONTROVERSIAL)...

How most gyms SCAM their members (CONTROVERSIAL)...

By: Aaron Gillies, MS, CSCS, Pn1

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Posted by pairmarotta Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 11:37
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During Tuesday morning's Hi-5 FitCamp, I was talking with a few of the clients and we somehow got on the topic of commercial gyms. As we were speaking, I mentioned that it was frustrating to see people buy a gym membership in an effort to "get in shape" but then continue to see our country grow bigger and more obese than ever.

And it wasn't that these gyms are making boat loads of money. I'm a big believer in capitalism. The smarter and harder you work, the more money you make. Pretty simple.

But here's the thing with a gym membership: aside from providing equipment, they offer very little real benefit to the average member. Why?

Here are a few of the foundations that commercial gyms operate on and then hopefully you'll see how much work it takes to really make big changes at a commercial gym:

  1. Gyms would have you believe that exercise is all that matters. This is probably the biggest issue I have with gyms. How many commercial gyms actually have a nutritionist, dietician or nutrition specialist on staff? Have you ever heard of nutrition coaching as a service at a commercial gym? Study after study shows that exercise alone is ineffective at getting rid of fat. Yet, every radio and TV commercial for a gym states "don't wait to get in shape! Join [insert local gym] today for $5!!" Exercise alone is not sufficient for fat-loss. But they'll never tell you that.
  2. Commercial gyms assume you know how to use equipment. Want to learn how to use the equipment? While many memberships come with what is essentially a guided tour of the equipment and facility, there are so many intricacies that you really need to be familiarized and coached through how to use the equipment. When you aren't sure about how to use equipment, that's when injuries happen and you don't get near as much benefit from the exercise!
  3. Commercial gyms assume you know how to design an exercise program. But most people don't know how to put together an exercise program for their own specific needs. Instead its, "Let's run a little on the treadmills, do some arm curls, the leg squeeze machine for my inner thighs and some calf raises. Then let's get back on the treadmill or bike for 20-30 minutes." Gyms CAN be effective if you're on a structured program that moves you towards your goals. Most gyms will promote their personal training services as the solution to this. But honestly, most personal trainers simply put together a program based on what THEY do in their own programs. Even in some "Personal Training studios" in Bakersfield, many trainers HAVE NO RECORD of what their clients have done, are doing and will do. It's unacceptable. Not sure what to look for in a personal trainer? PLEASE read this article from Precision Nutrition.

Now don't get me wrong. There are some good personal trainers at commercial gyms. But they are few and FAR, FAR, FAR between!

The real key to being successful in exercise, fitness and using a gym is to be taught how to use the equipment, how to train and how to put together a solid training program.

We at Peak Performance do just this with our Peak Performer programs. Our coaching program includes a thorough assessment and follow up assessments AT LEAST once a month, sometimes twice per month. We design the program based on those assessments. Have a bum shoulder? We design the program to improve the health of your shoulder or work around it. Had knee surgery 10-years ago and it still bugs you little? We design the program to make you stronger despite your potential limitations.

Here's what just one of our clients had to say about his 2-months with us: "Thanks so much for your help and your staff’s. Keep doing what your doing. Body fat is down. Weight is down. Back is better. Attitude is up. Tennis is better. Need I say more?"

We take our profession seriously. We take our clients and their goals seriously. Don't hire somebody who just delivers a workout. Hire a TEAM that delivers RESULTS. Don't waste another year "trying" to get in shape. This year, DO IT.

Email or call 661-912-9991 and see how we can help you lose 2 clothing sizes in 2-months!