Nobody is immune to THIS...

Nobody is immune to THIS...

By: Aaron Gillies, MS, CSCS

Topics: behavior, eating habits, Fitness, motivation, nutrition
Posted by pairmarotta Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 10:51
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For the most part, every fitness journey will have it's ups and downs. NOBODY IS IMMUNE. Everybody starts off highly motivated, and usually hits the first 2-3 workouts well. They're busting their butt in the gym, they are eating well according to their own standards.

But much of those habits are completed on shear will power. But will power is in limited supply. In other words, resistance is futile. It's not IF you fall off the wagon. It's WHEN.

But knowing what hardships, and struggles, and uphill battles are going to appear make it much easier to counteract or at least do damage control in the situation.

So here's a quesion for you: what hard ships do you see coming up in the next 2-3 weeks in the midst of your fitness journey? Maybe you'll be traveling on an airplane eating airport food. How can you minimize the damage or better yet, still make good food choices?

Perhaps you're schedule is packed and you know that working out is going to be almost impossible due to time constraints. How do you handle that? Is there a way you can workout out? Perhaps if you can't workout you put extra effort in to making good food choices?

Whatever it is, the ups and downs of life can really scare us in the midst of our journey. Remember a few months ago I mentioned the book titled "Switch." One part of the book/concept is called "Shaping the path." Essentially meaning that to really make a huge change, we as people need to know what is coming, when it's coming and what the situation might look like. This is exactly what I am demonstrating to you. Shape the path. Know when tough times will come and have a plan in place. This is difficult to foresee without the help of a coach (otherwise the tough times wouldn't be so tough). If you've got a coach who can tell you, "Okay, the fat isn't going to come off as easy now that we're getting into the program," you won't be so frustrated when the weight loss starts to slow down.

Without shaping the path, without knowing what's coming, our emotional side (the elephant) can easily be spooked to not doing ANYTHING. When the elephant gets spooked, good luck getting that thing to move. So keep your emotional side calm and keep a lookout for where things can go somewhere other than perfect. Because exercise, fat loss, nutrition and transformation RARELY ever go perfectly acording to plan.

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