Pet Food Pantry grows into bigger, more efficient facility

Pet Food Pantry grows into bigger, more efficient facility

By: Cindy Frye

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Posted by SandiM Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 08:41
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The Bakersfield Pet Food Pantry has great news! Because of your continued support, we have been able to donate more pet food to those in need than in previous years. The total amount of food donated in 2012 was 39,500 pounds, an increase of 30 percent or 13,000 pounds over last year!

Due to our continued growth and the huge need in our community, we are excited to let you know our big plans for 2013 have come true! We are very happy to tell you we now have our own building/warehouse. This new location will allow us to do the following: 

1. Provide a place to store all food that is donated;

 2. A place to hold our monthly baggings and package the pet food; and,

 3. We will open those same doors for distribution to those in need.  

Everything can now be done in one place! Pet food will continue to be distributed through Meals On Wheels NOR, Veterans Services and St. Vincent de Paul. We will be open every Saturday from 11 to noon.

On January 19 the Pet Food Pantry officially opened its new location at 4700 Easton Dr., Suite 29.   We helped some wonderful people with emergency pet food who are struggling to feed their pets! 

At the grand opening we heard many stories of individual hardship. One lady had nothing but bread to  feed her dog. Another was just trying to catch up because their employer closed for two weeks during the holidays with no pay for the employees. 

Many people live paycheck to paycheck — all it takes is a minor setback of one sort or another, and they fall into a hole — their pets fall in the hole with them. That’s when the Bakersfield Pet Food Pantry can help. We want the pets to stay with the people who love them! This is why we are helping feed pets in need!


We are always in need of volunteers. If you would like to help please email us at: We will send updates about what we are doing and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

We need volunteers for our next bagging event (where volunteers get together to repackage pet food for distribution) on Sunday, March 3 at 2 p.m. 

How to help

°Donate cat and dog food, either canned or dry. 

°Hold a pet food drive in your community, or at your school, church or business.

°Become a volunteer "barrel buddy" and let us put a collection barrel for pet food in your business. °We’ll stop by and collect the donations. 

°Spread the word about us

Monetary donations may be sent to:

Bakersfield Pet Food Pantry

P.O. Box 20801

Bakersfield, Ca 93390

Drop us a line at: Our website is at:

Thank you for getting behind us in our efforts to help feed pets in need — we could not do this without your help!

Bakersfield Pet Food Pantry is a non-profit, all volunteer organization in Bakersfield dedicated to assisting disabled/home bound seniors and low income community members by providing them with dog and cat food. We are a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization.