Praising in the Midst of Any Situation

Praising in the Midst of Any Situation

By: John

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Praising in the Midst of Any Situation

Bible Verses:

Psalms 9:1 I will  praise thee, O LORD, with my whole
heart; I will show forth all thy marvelous works.  (2)  I
will be glad and  rejoice in thee: I will sing  praise  to
thy name, O thou Most High.
119:164 Seven times a day do I praise thee, because of thy 
righteous judgments.

Words of Ministry:
David said in a psalm that he prayed to God three times a
day. Yet in another psalm, he said that he praised God
seven times a day.  David was inspired by the Holy Spirit
when he acknowledged the importance of praising. He prayed
only three times a day, but he praised seven times a day.

The book of Psalms is full of praises. The book of Psalms is
in fact a book of praise in the Old testament. Many
praises are quoted from Psalms.  However, the Psalms
contain chapters not only of praises but also of suffering.
God wants His people to know that the praising ones are the 
very ones who have been led through trying  situations and
whose feelings have been wounded. These psalms show us men
led by God through shadows of darkness. They were rejected,
slandered, and persecuted.  Words of praise do not always
come from the mouths of the smooth-sailing ones.  They
come much more from those who are under discipline and 
trial. In the Psalms we can touch the most wounded
feelings, and in the Psalms we also can find the greatest
and  highest praises. God uses many hardships, difficulties,
and slanders to create praises in His people. He causes
them to learn through difficult circumstances to become
praising persons before the Lord.

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