Use the SUPER BOWL feast to LOSE FAT...

Use the SUPER BOWL feast to LOSE FAT...

By: Aaron Gillies, MS, CSCS, Pn1

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Posted by pairmarotta Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 22:29
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Let's face it. If you're aware that Sunday is the Super Bowl, you can count on eating a lot of food. It's like Thanksgiving or birthday parties: calorie control kinda goes out the window. So you need a different strategy than pure will power.

This plan relies on 2 facts:

First, your metabolism is spiked following intense exercise. When high intensity exercise is done prior to a huge feast, like you'll be eating on Sunday, your body will shuttle those nutrients to the muscle you JUST USED instead of off to 'fat storage' land. Now this won't give you a license to eat horribly all day, but if you choose your foods wisely, you'll come out the big WINNER at the end of the day.

By being responsible early in the day, you won't feel guilty for indulging a little later during the Super Bow. But go crazy in the morning AND the afternoon? Yeah, you'll be a the "cardio confessional" trying to run, bike or eliptical those calories away. Which I might add is impossible considering most people eat over 3000 calories on "big eating events" and the average person jogs enough to get rid of maybe 10% of all that energy the next day. You need to be pro-ACTIVE.

So here's the scoop on how the day should go.

  1. Wake-up, have a big glass of water, THEN have your coffee. Most people wake up dehydrated. Coffee is NOT a diuretic, contrary to popular belief. But most people don't get enough plain water. So drink up. Walk around a little, loosen up and then...
  2. Do a quick 10-minute pushup/squat/jump challenge where you perform a descending ladder. Start with 10-wide grip pushups, do 10 squats. Then do 9 of each, then 8 of each down to zero. Then hop in the shower because odds are, you're a little smelly and worked up a bit of a sweat with your challenge.
  3. Have a low carbohydrate breakfast of eggs, with LOTS veggies, some cheese and your fish oil supplements.
  4. Go on with your day, keeping the carbs low. So no chips, no bread, no bagels. The only carbohydrates you get should be from carbs that are inherent to protein sources and veggies
  5. So what can you do for lunch? First off do another squat and pushup set. This time do a total pushup challenge where you see how fast you can get to a certain number of pushups and squats. Guys, race to 50 pushups and 50 squat jumps. Gals race to 40. Alter your hand position every 10 pushups (close, knuckle, staggered, single leg, push-up + rotate). The same goes for your squats (wide, narrow, split, jump, squat jacks).
  6. Now onto the meal. How about a spinach salad with hard boiled egg (or 2 for you guys), maybe some bacon bits or about a palm full of sliced deli meat or some chicken breast if it's convenient. And put a little Italian over the top for some good fats. Not the creamy Italian dressing. Just straight Italian. Don't have Italian? Take 1 part vinegar to 3 parts olive oil, add a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and a 1/2 teaspoon of crushed garlic. Be sure to have a TALL glass of water with lunch.
  7. Now you should be ramping up for the pre-game festivities. These usually get started around noon or shortly thereafter.
  8. --->You've cranked out over 100 pushups today. Great job!!
  9. Now comes the important part. Eating DURING the game. This is where everybody wants to graze. You can graze, but make sure you hover around the veggie & cheese platter. Here's a quick mental image for you. Think of your stomach when eating junk food and when eating veggies. Both have the same number of calories. But veggies take up MUCH more space, giving you the feeling of fullness. So you'll feel full by eating more veggies which are naturally low in calories! EAT MORE VEGGIES.
  10. Continue grazing on veggies and meat. Have some ribs, a few meatballs, some wings, kielbasa. For every other beverage you have, have 1-tall glass of water.
  11. Half-time approaches. This is where self-control becomes a problem. So find something to do that doesn't involve parking your butt next to the chips and salsa/ranch dip/onion dip. Find an empty chair and do some easy stretching.
  • Sitting in a chair, cross the right ankle on to the left knee. Keep your chest up and lean forward. Hold for 10 sec. Repeat 3 times per side.
  • Put your right knee down, left foot out front. Raise your right arm high. Contract your glutes and lean forward. Hold for 10 sec. Repeat x 3/side.
  • Find a doorway. Stand right in the middle and put your right arm up on the frame so your forearm runs up the door frame. Step forward with the leg of the arm your stretching. Hold for 10 sec. Repeat 3 x/side.
  • Do a side plank :30 sec each side.

Now get back to the game and enjoy the rest of your day. Eat healthy meats and veggies. Have a dessert. Don't feel guilty.

If you need help with some good Super Bowl meals, look no further than Gourmet Nutrition 2.0! I know I'm making the Lamb Chilli for my family and friends this year!

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