New beginning for Christ's Church of the Valley

New beginning for Christ's Church of the Valley

Posted by kevinmorrison Wednesday, October 31, 2007 - 09:44
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On Oct. 28, the congregation at Christ's Church of the Valley put an end to a two year search for their new senior pastor.  By an overwhelmingly decisive vote, Michael Foutz of Newbern, Virginia was accepted by the congregation, who erupted in applause and cheers upon the announcement.

Michael and his wife, Jennifer, both 35, are excited to be a part of something special at CCV and in all of Bakersfield.  On fire for God, they followed His call to CCV where the search committee, elders and deacons were thrilled at the prospect of a new era under Michael's leadership.

Some might scratch their heads at the idea of searching an entire two years to fill the position, but the church was intent on following the plan of God and not simply finding the quick fix.  The resumes piled up.  The interviews continued and many wonderful candidates were prayed over and considered.  There are many good men of God out there and many of them would do a wonderful job, but the congregation wanted to put in place the one candidate who could step into the plan for CCV as God has it laid out.

God opened the door for Michael and Jennifer as well as the hearts of CCV with a place for them.

"We have been blown away by how friendly everyone has been and how much we have been welcomed already," Michael said. "We haven't experienced anything like this!" 

He is a dynamic and energizing speaker who has experienced the highs and lows of life like all of us and he wants to share with everyone the immeasurable joy of having a relationship with God.  The excitement in his messages is highly contagious.  Jennifer, his high school sweetheart and now wife, is a wonderful teammate in his ministry and is excited as Micheal to begin.

Scott Neese, the worship director and home groups pastor filled in exceedingly well for the two year transition and will now continue to use his amazing talents for worship and discipleship at CCV.

Michael and Jennifer plan to begin their transition to Bakersfield in November and are excited to begin.  There is a buzz in the air at Christ's Church of the Valley, and the whole community is invited to come experience the excitement.  For more information on CCV and its ministries, visit


How Blessed your community is to have Michael and Jennifer Foutz ministering there. For many years I have had the privilege to worship with Michael and Jennifer in Newbern. They are the most contagious Christians that I know. We Love them dearly and will miss them so much. Love and Prayers, Jamie and Sherry Turbeville
Michael and Jennifer Foutz are not only our brother and sister in Christ but they are our best friends. We will deeply miss them. Our Prayer is that CCV will LOVE THEM UP!!! We are praying for nothing but great things to come for CCV and Michael and Jennifer's ministry there. They have been a blessing to us and I know they will be a blessing to you. Love in Christ, Wayne and Kim Queen
As members of Michael & Jennifer's former church (in Va) - we hope and pray that he inspires and teaches the congregation as much as he has taught us. Our loss is truly your gain! We will miss both of them.
As members of CCV, we are so excited for Michael and Jennifer to be coming to Bakersfield to lead our congregation. I know with every fiber of my being that God has alot in store for CCV and for Bakersield. As they say in boxing, "Let's get ready to rumble for God", well, I put in the for God part!