WHAMOBASS Hot Air Balloon Festival

WHAMOBASS Hot Air Balloon Festival

Posted by PhotographybyBarbaraAnn Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - 14:30
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In the dark, lonely parking lot of Denny's on 7th Standard Rd., with batteries charged, lenses cleaned and a desire for that perfect shot, members and guests of Kern Photographer Association met Saturday morning at 3:00 a.m.  Would you get up in the cold, crisp, wee hours of the morning for a photograph?  Maybe not, but these enthusiastic amateurs have been looking forward to KPA's November
Meet & Shoot.  Their destination?  The WHAMOBASS, Whiskey Hill Atherton Menlo Oaks Ballooning & Sporting Society's 3 day event (Nov. 21st thru 23rd, 2008) in Coalinga, California.  The group was hoping to capture images of the colorful ballons, flames glinting from the propane burners against the night sky.  Unfortunately, WHAMOBASS cancelled the "Dawn Patrol", but the group captured amazing images nevertheless.

WHAMOBASS, founded in 1965, is the longest continuously running balloon rally in the world. It has been held every November since its founding, moving from location to location for many years, and then finally settling in Coalinga, California.  You can visit their website at http://www.whamobass.org/

Fun Hot-Air Balloon terms:

A person who operates or travels in a balloon or airship.

A lighter-than-air craft. A hot-air balloon is an aerostat.
A device supported in the air by displacing more than its own weight of air.

Kern Photography Association (KPA) meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  For time and location, please visit our website at

All skill levels are WELCOME!


Hot off the press.............KPA now has a Flickr site as well as our website.  So if
you are a flickrholic and you live, work or play in Kern County, come join the group
and add your pics.  We'd love to see them!!  www.flickr.com/groups/898803@N25/



Are they having it again this year?