Lowrider event at Kern County Fair Grounds Sunday Aug 5th

JerSooz says ... Bako or Bakersfield has a lot of Custom Car and Custom Motorcycle events ... least we forget all the Fantastic Hot Rod events just going into Sonic Burger on Olive Dr off Hwy 99 on a Weekend night will amaze you "Gee Bakersfield Hot Rod Capital of the USA ... Got that one when Told YooHoo " Motor City  Motors "-Dumb Us thinking isn't Motor City " Detroit " - Was better wake up Your right in the thick of it  the "National Hot Rod Association" this is where began "

This Weekend We found another Passion we have will be here Gee Did We say love anything to Do with Cars Trucks Motorcycles 4x4's ... Well Guess what Lowriders lets say We can spend Days looking at also ... Hey would love to put Bakersfield Bako area on the Map for Lowriders too

Lowriders are more then most think  ... They are not merely Hispanic in Nature though yes as other Proud Hispanic Writers say it is in the Pride in Ownership that brings proud memories and Pride of the Mexican Movement of Caesar Chavez the UFW (United Farm Workers)

Lowrider Owners and Lowrider Fans come from all walks of Life deplicting the Lowrider True Meaning of a Casual Lifestyle of Low and Slow Crusing ... as in Hey Hombre Hey Chica Slow Down Enjoy Life (Hispanic Style) then also as in Look Mr Mrs Ms Bubba Buddy Bro Hey Chick Hey Lady we are a Proud Tradition of Custom Cars we are anyone who likes Casual

Then Looking at Lowriders the Customization is True Engineering Magic and Design ... The Hydraulics alone with the Body Channeling and Cutting to get them to the lowered position is a an Engineering Marvel ... Todays Lowriders are a High Tech Futuristic look into what a Lowrider Owner or Fan has to have merely to compete in Low Rider events ... Not an easy choice and requiring usually a Highly Specialized Custom Lowrider shop to do the Custom work ... Yet again an Industry Lowrider Cars and Owners have built into 100's of Millions of Dollar Business wise... No a Lowrider is not  an inexpensive machine ...

Plus not that scary analogy it all started with the LA Gang Bangers or the Criminal Elements Lowriders today give a lot back to society an avenue for a positive channel for creativity that helps even Kids to learn building a lowrider can keep them to stay out of trouble ... you won't find lowrider owners or fans telling you anything different ... and if do you will find those destroying the true lowrider meaning their  Lowrider or even Car Club the message will get out stay away from them

Then comes the High Tech Paints yes the Swirling Underlays of Layer upon layers of Shimmering Glimmering Flowing Designs not only of Colors also of Pictures Images and Personal Messages all applied  so flow with the lines of the chosen car ... Looking into the Detail will make You shake Your Head in Wonderment ... Then when comtemplate the Hours merely spent in Customized Paint  You will know the Love a Lowrider Owner has ... It's like looking into the Soul of a Piece of Art

Then comes the Custom Interiors the Leathers the Different Materials the Tuck and Roll the Multiple Color Combinations or even the Piping of the Seat Material Edges can be Eye Appealing ... Then come Dashboard Highlights Custom Materials Custom inlaid Painting even the Gauges the Pedals Steering Wheels even Gear Shifts and Mirror will give each lowrider a unique individualized custom look ... then comes the DVD/TV/GAME Monitors even GPS Units let alone Sound Systems all unique to the Low Rider (Sound Systems and Monitors now even in Trunks and Back Area's - Electronic Specialist's Wonders)

So next time see a Lowrider look and feel the excitement look at the Rims are they Chrome or are they Matching the Cars Paint Scheme ... The Smaller Tires and Rims chosen to make the lowrider move in manners like a truly living machine

When see what Others Call Jumping ... Ask next time is it merely not just the Showing of what that unique Lowrider can do ... It is Called Articulation it can Move Lower or get Higher it can if Done properly Do a Like Curtsy Right Dip Then Left Dip Then It Can Pop Up Front Pop Up then Back even Dip and Raise on One side so as seen Move through a Moving Path Forward on 2 wheels through a Smaller Path ... Yeah see how when done between a Path of Harleys the True Marvel of it better not come down on My Bike even a Lowrider wins the Respect of Others

So This weekend Go to the Kern County Fair Grounds Sunday and Watch the Low Rider Event You will be Amazed and Get to Meet Lowrider Owners and Fans and see how amazingly friendly and filled with Pride the Lowrider Community is

Jer&Sooz  Yeah Lowriders are Low and Slow Fans

Posted by jersooz Thursday, August 2, 2007 - 11:37
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