Exercise All The Elements

The best time to exercise is really up to your personal preference. Life has plans for us, and we have to do what feels right. It is fine to ask yourself if what you are doing is right at that ti...
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How most gyms SCAM their members (C...

During Tuesday morning's Hi-5 FitCamp, I was talking with a few of the clients and we somehow got on the topic of commercial gyms.

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Is your ATHLETE next?

Girls as young as 12 years old are being subjected to one of the most traumatic injuries in sports: an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear.

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The BEST leg exercises for your you...

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How much Ab work until the 6-pack s...

The question of how much work do I need to do to get a 6-pack is a pretty common one. Unfortunately, it also has a very unfriendly answer. Why?

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5 foods you NEED to start eating no...

The first thing most people want to know when they want to lose weight is "What should I eat to lose weight?" This is a really good thing! Why am I&nbs

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The most NEGLECTED part of fat-loss...

Recovery is quite possibly the most overlooked aspect of fitness. It's not appealing, it's not attractive, it's not exciting.

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the FAT-LOSS path...

Just as with any exercise program, it helps to have a goal. Once you have a goal, it's easier to develop your plan of action to achieve the goal.

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Does FAT loss = identity theft?

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This 1 thing could be your "ma...

Pair & Marotta PT started a new HI-5 FitCamp lastweek.

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