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Use the SUPER BOWL feast to LOSE FA...

Let's face it. If you're aware that Sunday is the Super Bowl, you can count on eating a lot of food.

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How most gyms SCAM their members (C...

During Tuesday morning's Hi-5 FitCamp, I was talking with a few of the clients and we somehow got on the topic of commercial gyms.

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FAT BURNING breakfast at work.

It can be tough to make good food choices when you're stuck with what the group at work is eating.

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5 foods you NEED to start eating no...

The first thing most people want to know when they want to lose weight is "What should I eat to lose weight?" This is a really good thing! Why am I&nbs

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A tricky way to drain body FAT...

It's pretty simple that to lose weight we need to use more calories than we eat. There is no way around that truth.

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the FAT-LOSS path...

Just as with any exercise program, it helps to have a goal. Once you have a goal, it's easier to develop your plan of action to achieve the goal.

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Does FAT loss = identity theft?

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This 1 thing could be your "ma...

Pair & Marotta PT started a new HI-5 FitCamp lastweek.

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Add some lighter fluid to your meta...

Often times I am asked if our exercise programs come with a eating plan to follow.

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The tricky thing about FAT loss...

The topic comes up a lot, but not often as a question, more as a complaint: "I'm eating better and losing weight but I still feel flabby!

Posted by pairmarotta - Friday, January 27, 2012 - 09:55 -- 0 comments
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